Template:Mac specs The Macintosh Color Classic was the first color compact Apple Macintosh computer. It was essentially a Macintosh LC II with an integrated 10" Sony Trinitron color display with same 512×384 pixel resolution as an LC II with the Macintosh 12” RGB monitor. This integrated unit resembled the original Mac series, albeit slightly expanded, (see Macintosh Plus for an example), hence "Classic." In Japan and some other markets - but not the US - Apple later released the Color Classic II which was essentially the same case but with the LC 550 logicboard that doubled both RAM and speed. The Color Classic was also sold to consumers in the United States as the Performa 250, and the Color Classic II as Performa 275. The Color Classic was the final model of the original "compact" Macintosh family of computers.


Like the Macintosh SE and SE/30 before it, the Color Classic did come with a single expansion slot: an LC-type Processor Direct Slot (PDS), otherwise incompatible with the SE slots. This was primarily intended for the Apple IIe Card (the primary reason for the Color Classic's switchable 560x384 display, essentially double the IIe's 280x192 High-Resolution graphics), which was offered with education models of the LCs. The card allowed the LCs to emulate an Apple IIe. The combination of the low-cost color Macintosh and Apple IIe compatibility was intended to encourage the education market's transition from Apple II models to Macintoshes. Other cards, such as CPU accelerators, ethernet and video cards were also made available for the Color Classic's PDS slot.


The Color Classic has a certain cult following, and some enthusiasts have upgraded them with motherboards from Performa 575 units ("Mystic" upgrade), while others have put entire Power Macintosh innards into them ("Takky" upgrade). A common modification to this unit was to change the display to allow 640 × 480 resolution, which was a common requirement for many programs (especially games) to run.

The Color Classic series was eventually replaced by the larger-display LC 5x0 & 5xx0 series and ultimately paved the way for the iMac, which popularized much of the same passion and enthusiasm the original Macintosh and Color Classic generate among their fans.

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